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Camera / Steadicam owner Operator based in Los Angeles

Transcend the technology

Filmmakers have warned of the “death of film” for a long time, even before I got started in the business. Rather, I think back then, film wasn’t dead, or dying, but it was certainly a grim outlook. These days, I’d … Continue reading

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What is a camera operator?

I think I started in film school wanting to direct. As time went on, I realized I was missing a great many skills required of a director, most of which were not technically specific to the title of Director. Love, … Continue reading

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Indie film and Kickstarter: Survival in the time of the celebrity pet project

In the 1994 movie “With Honors”, Montgomery Kessler (played by Brendan Fraser) decides to completely rewrite his senior thesis after realizing the negativity and cynicism with which he’s conducted his academic career. After his girlfriend (played by Moira Kelly) reads … Continue reading

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Who will be left?

I promise, I’ll write my next blog post about operating camera. However, for this one, it’s about the Oscars and the industry. Today, social media is abuzz with the drama surrounding the Oscars for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects … Continue reading

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I do not fear technology. I fear reluctance to adapt. I fear those who use fear.

“I think the time of overlap between theater and home television viewing of entertainment is near it’s end.” -Me I’m working on a project on the side right now that I hope to introduce sometime in the next few months, … Continue reading

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Assigning emotions through the camera

In filmmaking, we experiment a lot with the audience’s emotions. In less daring instances, we safely assign emotions to each scene, almost like paint-by-numbers: the couple finally gets together, paint scene #31 red, music swells, increase audio mix to emphasize … Continue reading

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Some of the bravest people I’ve met

I just wanted to wax philosophically for a moment. I used to joke a few years ago that when you work in film, people are amazingly uninterested in your job. Or perhaps people aren’t that interested in your job, and … Continue reading

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Respect the Process – or RIP: the rehearsal

The other day on set, I’m flying a RED Epic and grabbing the slate before we start a take, and I momentarily ponder the slate: why do we still slate? The answer comes from shooting film and the fact we … Continue reading

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Equipment costs money: devaluation of gear/labor in the industry

I’ll admit here that I will speak freely about things I’m fairly acquainted with and blend them with hypotheses, assumptions and broad strokes that I won’t necessarily have evidence to back up. I’ll do my best to support my ideas … Continue reading

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Rates and the industry: favors, loyalty, and conjuring numbers.

I work a lot of non-union gigs, and while I am gathering my days to join Local 600 (hopefully by October, I’ll be in), I hope that I can remain steadfast in future rates negotiations. I expect to use my … Continue reading

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