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Some of the bravest people I’ve met

I just wanted to wax philosophically for a moment. I used to joke a few years ago that when you work in film, people are amazingly uninterested in your job. Or perhaps people aren’t that interested in your job, and … Continue reading

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Respect the Process – or RIP: the rehearsal

The other day on set, I’m flying a RED Epic and grabbing the slate before we start a take, and I momentarily ponder the slate: why do we still slate? The answer comes from shooting film and the fact we … Continue reading

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Equipment costs money: devaluation of gear/labor in the industry

I’ll admit here that I will speak freely about things I’m fairly acquainted with and blend them with hypotheses, assumptions and broad strokes that I won’t necessarily have evidence to back up. I’ll do my best to support my ideas … Continue reading

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Uncanny valley and medium: is digital “too real”?

I don’t think I can manage to write this post without somehow stepping into the argument of film vs. digital acquisition for motion picture filmmaking. Personally, I would operate a Pixelvision camera if it serves the story. The story is … Continue reading

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The “Uncanny Valley”, success of CGI, and the human storyteller

In the June 2012 issue of International Cinematographer’s Guild Magazine, Garrett Brown was interviewed about his work as a cameraman and his revolutionary invention, the Steadicam. In reading the review, I came across this snippet: Will the human touch of … Continue reading

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